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Strengthening Understanding of Femicide


This publication provides an overview of a conference on femicide convened jointly by PATH, the Inter-American Alliance for the Prevention of Gender-based Violence (InterCambios), the Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) in Washington, DC, April 14–16, 2008. The conference brought together activists, researchers, and forensic professionals from 13 countries, with the aim of identifying common ground for strengthening research and galvanizing global action to prevent femicide and end the impunity so often granted to perpetrators.

Violence against women in images - audiovisual


Alianza Intercambios presents a collection of videos on violence against women and its various expressions. We invite you to work, send your productions to info@alianzaintercambios.org

Violence Against Women and Girls: A Compendium of Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators (Measure Evaluation, 2008)


MEASURE Evaluation developed a compendium of monitoring and evaluation indicators on violence against women and girls at the request of the USAID East Africa Regional Mission, and in collaboration with the USAID’s Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG).


InterCambios began to work in 2004 at Latin America and the Caribbean.
- Photo by Heydi Salazar/ InterCambios

The InterCambios Alliance brings together people and organizations that are working in different spheres to respond to gender-based violence, using a public health- and human rights-based approach.

We have been collaborating with other nongovernmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral agencies and governments since 2004 to help improve health sector capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

At present the Technical Secretariat of InterCambios is coordinated by PATH, from its offices in Nicaragua and Washington DC, with financial support from Sida -the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

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Our mission is to help improve health sector capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean to respond to gender-based violence with a public health- and human rights-based approach.

Our objectives:
• To improve knowledge about violence against women, including its causes, prevalence and the effectiveness of interventions.

• To improve public policies in the region.

• To strengthen health service capacities, publicizing best practices and creating new tools.

• To promote access to and the availability of materials and tools that strengthen the different organizations’ promotion, prevention and response work.

• To facilitate and strengthen collaborative and communicational links among key organizations.

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